The more detail you can provide, the better (dates, venues, events, people, band names, etc.). Most of these questions are geared towards people who've been involved in the folk scene for a long time. If you are a more recent "arrival", we are just as interested in your story - please do respond! Everyone, PLEASE provide name and contact details for follow-up.
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1. How did you first become involved in the folk scene? How did you find out it existed? What drew you in? What kept you there?

2. What did you do as a folkie (eg. singing, playing instruments, dancing, teaching workshops, etc.) Who were your influences? Who were your collaborators or "mates" in these activities?

3. Can you describe the folk clubs you performed at or attended? What were the venues like? The people? The music? (examples: The Folk Centre, Folko, 291, The Barley Mow, The Red Brick, The Tar Pot, The Caledonian Club, The Pod)

4. Can you tell us about overseas artists who have performed in Brisbane, and left a lasting impression?

5. Can you describe any festivals, fairs, trips or gatherings you participated in? (examples: The Moreton Bay Folk Festival, Maleny Folk Festival, River Cruises, That Taromeo Trip)

6. Can you tell us about relationships between the Brisbane folk scene and other folk communities (eg. within Queensland, interstate, international?)

7. Please tell us about any bands you performed with, or had a special interest in.

8. Were you involved in the development of the Queensland Folk Federation, or other groups dedicated to promoting folk culture?

9. Were you involved with any folk publications?

10. Did you participate in any dancing or dance events (examples: Morris dancing, bush dancing, ceilih)?

11. Do any particular moments stand out for you, as either:
- capturing the spirit of that time and place
- representing for you what "being a folkie" is all about
- a key turning point or meaningful experience for you personally
- a key turning point for the Brisbane folk scene

12. Can you tell us about what you are CURRENTLY doing in the Brisbane folk scene? (eg. performing, dancing, writing…)

13. What are your thoughts about the Brisbane folk scene today?

14. What do you see as the future for the Brisbane folk scene?

15. If you could send one message to today's Brisbane folkies, what would it be?

16. Would you be willing to be interviewed on video, for the BFHP DVD? If so, please provide your contact details.

17. Do you have any recordings that you would be willing to have (legally) reproduced on the Brisbane Folk History CD? If so, please mail to: Mark Smith of Real Productsions. Phone Mark on 07-3349 7360 to arrange.

18. Do you have any visual materials (eg. photos, posters, album covers, publications) that you would be willing to lend or donate to the project? If so, please mail to: Andrea Baldwin, PO Box 238, Lutwyche Q 4030, or ph. Lonnie: 0422 937 384

19. Are there any other comments you would like to make?

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Thank you very much for your participation. Your assistance with this project is greatly valued and appreciated.

All participants in the Brisbane Folk History Project will have their contributions acknowledged in the relevant productions of the project (unless specifically requested otherwise).